Selling HVAC Equipment

Tips for successfully selling HVAC equipment

HVAC sales don’t come easy. However, there are tried-and-true ways to sell equipment, maintenance and services. Fortunately, it doesn’t involve being pushy or over persuasive.

Here are several tips on how to successfully sell anything – including heating and cooling packages and services. We cover everything from pre-call arrangements to post-call developments to empower you to get sales.

Send a confirmation text or email after arranging an appointment. Thank your client, remind them of the scheduled date and time, and offer some details about the technician or comfort advisor coming to their house. Send a follow-up confirmation a day prior to the call.

The visit should consist of a vibrant sales process, which includes identifying the client’s needs and wants. Listen to what the client is saying. Why did they contact you? What do they need to accomplish? What do they like and hate about their existing system?

It may seem peculiar but discuss pricing up-front. Show the client a couple of options: basic, good, better and best. Demonstrate financing options by analysing the monthly cost.

Tell the client about your HVAC company. Share reasons why they ought to do business with you. And emphasize the value they get from the equipment. For instance, explain how having certified technicians means that your team is extremely well-qualified.

Whether you’ve sold or not, give the client a handwritten card acknowledging them for their time. And let them know you’re looking forward to doing business with them in the future. Showing immediate gratitude goes a long way. Send the envelope along with your business card.

Send another confirmation when returning to install the HVAC equipment. Once the installation is done, schedule an in-person visit to see whether the installation was done completely and properly. Thank the client for their business and ask them for referrals.

Communicate with your clients through email at least every month. Prompt them about current promotions or specials. Keep communicating so they remember you and mention your name when neighbours and friends inquire about HVAC services.

Additional expert tips:

Be unique – Sell what other HVAC dealers don’t. Perhaps it’s an energy efficient system instalment or a preventative maintenance package.

Be kind – Call or pitch with a genuine interest in your client’s home comfort. Don’t expect any favour, even a single referral, if you’re not truly concerned about their needs.

Ask for feedback – Simply ask what your clients think about your offerings. This increases your chances of engaging in a conversation.

Make sense – When pitching to your clients, it’s essential to watch for the “aha” moment. Look at body language too.

Don’t waste time – Time is money. So don’t leave a client stranded under the pretence that you’re busy.

Note that: It’s not only about price. It’s also about value – and what the clients feel they’ll get when they buy your equipment or pay you to do work for them. Nowadays, customers seek value and spend money on quality.

Therefore, make sure you provide superior workmanship and premium products in order to achieve sales success and create the best customer experience.

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